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Instructions for Submitting a ZERO TO THREE Fellowship Application Online

ZERO TO THREE Fellowship Application Period is Wednesday, February 7 thru Wednesday, March 20, 2024 at 11:59pm (EDT)

Below is a preview of the entire application for your information:

Applicant Information

Applicant must complete a detailed profile prior to beginning the application. 

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required. Letters must be from individuals with whom the applicant has worked in a professional context.  Applicants must enter the name and email for each reference. Each reference will receive an email with instructions for electronically submitting a recommendation letter. Applicants will receive a confirmation email when each letter is successfully submitted.  References are asked to address the following:

  • A sentence or paragraph that explains how the reference knows the fellowship applicant and the duration of the relationship.
  • An evaluation of the applicant and their skills/accomplishments. If possible, offer specific examples that illustrate the person’s strengths and qualifications. These examples should be brief, but detailed.  Also, address areas for the applicant’s continued professional growth.
  • A summary that explains why the reference is recommending the applicant for the fellowship and the degree/strength of the recommendation. ​

Essay Questions

Applicant must complete the four (4) essay questions. Completion of the essay questions will require some commitment of time. Essays edits can be made up until the application deadline (Wednesday, March 20, 2024 at 11:59 (EDT).

Importance of Fellowship at this Career Stage


The ZTT Fellowship brings together a diverse cohort of early-career (no less than 5 years) and mid-career (no more than 15 years) leaders who have the passion and commitment to transform programs, systems, and policies so that infants and young children have a strong start in life.  (max 250 words total)


  • Why do you believe this fellowship is important at this stage of your career?
  • What would you most want to gain from the experience?
  • What might you uniquely bring to the fellowship?

Leadership in Your Professional Context

How are you presently using your body of knowledge and leadership to advance programs, systems, and/or polices relevant to infants and toddlers in your professional context?  (max 250 words total)

  • What has been an outcome of your leadership?
  • What insights have you gained about your leadership skills and style?
  • How do you desire to grow in your leadership capacity?

Vision for Change


At the heart of the fellowship experience is an articulated Vision for Change in your professional context to advance transformative program, system, or policy change.  (max 400 words total)

  • Based on your current position, training, interests, and leadership, describe the issue/challenge that will be the focus of the Vision for Change.
  • Why is this issue/challenge important?
  • What collaborators, partners, allies might be necessary to advance the vision?
  • What might be potential outcomes/impact of the vision, should it be achieved?

What Would be Missing?

The ZERO TO THREE Fellowship strives to empower a diverse and multidisciplinary network of leaders who have the knowledge, skills, and passion to support all infants and toddlers in reaching their full potential. What personal qualities, perspectives, identities, lived experience will this 2024-26 Class be missing if you are not a Fellow? (max 250 words)

Resume/Curriculum Vita

Applicants must submit a resume/vita. The submitted resume/vita is limited to a maximum of five (5) pages. The applicant will be prompted to save it as a PDF and upload it to the application.

Fellowship Letter of Commitment

  • Applicant must submit the Fellowship Commitment Letter using the template provided.
  • The template is to be printed, copied onto official letterhead, signed by the applicant and supervisor/employer/mentor/board member, scanned, and uploaded as a PDF.
  • The signed letter reflects the applicant’s commitment to fulfill the requirements of the fellowship, including in-person attendance at the convenings listed below.

The 2024-26 Fellowship Class runs from July 2024 through Spring 2026. 

  • Fellowship Launch and ZERO TO THREE LEARN Conference – July 30-August 2, 2024 
  • Fall Retreat – November 11-15, 2024 – Washinton, DC
  • Spring Retreat – March 3-7, 2025 – Washington, DC
  • Irvin Harris Foundation Professional Development Network Meeting – 2025 (Dates TBD) – Chicago, IL – ½ of class attends
  • Fall Retreat – September 15-19, 2025 – Washington, DC
  • Winter Retreat – February 23-27, 2026 – Washington, DC
  • Irvin Harris Foundation Professional Development Network Meeting – March 2026 (Dates TBD) – Chicago, IL – ½ of class attends
  • Fellowship Graduation – Late Spring 2026 (Dates TBD) – Washington, DC

NOTE: Travel expenses/accommodation/meals related to the above listed events will be covered by ZERO TO THREE.  The International legs of flights are not covered by ZERO TO THREE.


Fellowship Selection

Fellowship selection notification will be made in early July 2024.


To begin your application, click here.